What is alphaBeta?

We are ATB transformation - innovating at the forefront of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future. Where human x machine.


We can transform banking

We are the ATB Financial transformation team – over 500 change agents that make up the disruptive edge of ATB. Our mission is to reimagine banking, make it work for people. We start by listening. Then we innovate process, enable people and add new technology.


We thrive on being constantly uncomfortable, partnering with like minds, finding meaningful solutions to problems and focusing on exponential change. This mix of elements is where we believe true transformation can happen. Within our industry, we’d like to lead it.

ATB alphaBeta allows us to share our insights, explorations and experiences. From alpha, an idea, to beta, the test, and back again…until the idea is viable enough to be implemented throughout the business.

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We'll see you at the edge.


Curtis Stange

President & CEO

Wellington Holbrook

Chief Transformation Officer