Community, colleagues, and culture at ATB.

We work in a special place. We have ambitious goals that sometimes make us wildly uncomfortable, but we come together every day to take on the challenge. 

We have given ourselves the audacious task of creating happiness by making banking work for Albertans. It is a goal that takes a mix of courage, ambition, and persistence. And it is the culture at ATB that creates the kind of safe environment that is conducive to us achieving our bold plans. 

So how do you build teams of people creating products, processes and experiences that drive happiness? It is crucial that we have strong leaders in software engineering, product management, and design, to name a few. The teams that we build are diverse, transformative, and purpose driven at their core. 

Ultimately we are serving all of Alberta, a place that is rich with diversity and openness. In order to truly ensure that we design for our customers, we need to build teams that embrace and embody diversity of thought. We bring a lens of humanity and empathy to make sure that happiness is the end goal in developing new technologies and serving our customers. 

Campus life.

What is it like to work at ATB? It would be a change for us if things weren’t changing. We plan weeks or months in advance, not years. Change is a norm here and something we embrace. 

At our Calgary Campus, work goes beyond office walls. We have a Toastmasters club, composting lunch-and-learns, a summer farmer’s market. It is so much more than X floor in Y office, it is really a campus life. 

Outside of campus, Calgary is one of our best-kept-secrets. Not simply an energy and cowboy town, there are incredible technology companies, agencies, and organizations that are headquartered in Calgary. Not to mention a burgeoning AI community in the province, including our very own AI Partnership up the road in Edmonton with the University of Alberta.

We get the best of both worlds - a metropolitan city, all the dining and nightlife you could ask for, and incredible career opportunities with reasonable commutes and an inspiring outdoor element to life. We are really a 365 day per year outdoor city. You can’t resist the draw of bright, crisp winter days, the Rocky Mountains, and endless rivers, streams, and trails. 

We’ve been able to attract incredible talent and diversity to our teams here at ATB. And we’re hiring! Our colleagues have worked all around the globe and have diverse professional backgrounds. Whatever the reason, we have chosen to be here. In Alberta. At ATB. Because of our shared mission. 

Secret’s out.

We are ATB transformation - innovating at the forefront
of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future.