Innovative Cloud deployment of SAS Viya results in Insight Award for ATB

Driven to create better banking experiences for Albertans, we don’t undertake our daily work in anticipation of winning awards. But we do love to celebrate our staff, reflect on what we’ve done well, and build on successes. In Summer 2018, SAS announced that ATB won the SAS Insight Award, granted to a Western-Canada based company for undertaking a project that was innovative, collaborative, and successfully deployed.


As an ATB technology partner, SAS provides software to better analyze data. With over 15 years of history working together, this year, SAS presented ATB with the Insight Award to recognize the innovation behind the deployment of SAS Viya on the Google Cloud platform. It was the first ever Google Cloud deployment in North America and the first large-scale full production deployment of the SAS Viya software in the world.

Data analysis is core to our mission to provide better banking services and improve the lives of Albertans. From risk analysis and fraud detection to mobile app customization and customer service improvements, high powered data analytics can unlock huge returns in how we serve our customers. That’s why we’re committed to equipping our teams with the tools to leverage machine learning, robotics process automation, computer vision, and natural language processing. Rather than having distinct groups of experts in charge of applied technology, we want team members across the organization to ideate and prototype solutions.

One of the key strategies to put the power of advanced technology in the hands of more ATB team members is founded on cloud deployments and powered by solutions like SAS. The Viya software, in particular, provides friendly user-interfaces in multiple programming languages and integrations with other technologies like Google Tensorflow.

As our technology teams shift from developing tools to providing services, we need a platform that gives us access to open source and proprietary algorithms in machine learning. The Google Cloud deployment of SAS Viya allows us to do just that and empowers team members to use cutting-edge techniques to solve problems with advanced model management—reviewing and validating models before deploying in products.

Through a multistakeholder partnerships between ATB, SAS, Google, and Hortonworks, we successfully made the inaugural deployment of SAS Viya on the cloud. With the platform in place and with wide access across ATB business teams, now team members can focus on what they are good at: applying AI and ML to solve problems and make banking better for Albertans.

The successful deployment is a reward in itself, but we’re proud of the collaborative effort and happy to celebrate the project as we build on it for even greater successes in the future.

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