More than a new site, a digital business banking experience, built for you.

Have you ever opened a website you frequently visit only to be lost in a new design and user experience? Sometimes the design is purely aesthetic: “Our website is out of date, let’s design a new one.” Other times, the design changes are founded in the user experience. These are the types of changes that customers relish, instead of shun. Not just new fonts, colours, and templates, but transformed digital experiences that are faster and more delightful.

The story of our new digital business banking experience starts with our own internal transformation into a customer obsessed organization with an agile mindset. In our customer obsession, we uncovered that approximately half of our business customers use digital banking tools weekly, and a quarter of them daily. On average, business banking customers spend one hour per week with us across all of our digital banking tools.

As the primary touchpoint that business banking customers have with ATB, we embarked on a mission to uncover how we can live up to our story and show our customer obsession through the digital business banking experience.

Our business banking customers agree: banking should enable business, not slow it down.

We want to take that hour per week and make sure that customers leave knowing that we are listening to their needs, that we value their time, and that we are committed to providing the best possible digital experience, not one that is just ‘good enough’.

From listening to our customers, we uncovered a few areas where our business banking services were missing the mark. For example, one of the first tools we are testing is removing unnecessary friction in the controls over business banking accounts.

Not every business is built the same, so why should business banking controls all be alike?

Instead of limited options for varying user permissions and approvals, we want to give our business banking customers customization and flexibility to make sure that their banking procedures fit the needs of their business. Want to give an employee permission to pay bills, from certain accounts, up to a certain amount or daily limit, to certain payees, only requiring approvals if they need to exceed their limit? You should be able to do that.

Another example of new tools that fit the needs of business banking customers is account nicknames. We noticed that some business customers were creating account nicknames to sort their accounts based on business function or geography. Want to be able to group your accounts to see just the Edmonton office? We want to help you do that.

Customers don’t necessarily care what a website looks like, but in fact the design underpins the two things that users do care about: How quickly can I satisfy my need? And how does the experience make me feel?

That is why we are committed to ensuring that core banking needs of customers are met. Only once their fundamental banking needs are met and trust and transparency are established can we look to empower them and bring happiness to banking.

Just like Alberta businesses, we are doing things in new ways because we know it will lead to a better outcome. With a growth mindset, we can all get there faster. For more news on ATB’s digital transformation, subscribe below.

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