Need More Spark in Your Life?

So do we.

As a general rule, a customer should never know more about a business than one of their customer services reps, but sometimes, sh*t happens. 

There’s nothing more jarring than accidentally telling someone about a new solution their company offers that even they aren’t aware of. And we know it sucks for both sides of the conversation, which is why we always do our best to ensure that every member of the ATB team knows what’s up. But the more our company grows, the more challenging it is to maintain the open and efficient lines of communication necessary for swift progress—and thorough adoption—to take place.

In exploring how to tackle this issues, we discovered we need more Spark in our lives.

The ATB Sparks are a team strategically assembled to bring together diverse backgrounds and experiences. Their focus? To inspire adoption and accelerate progress—in other words, to focus on  ch@!^g3 management within our squads (yep, change management is a bad word for us!).

We’ve gone through a lot of change over the years. 10 years ago, we weren’t a digital company. In listening to our customers, we’re moving from traditional, old-school bank to fintech, and that’s left us with a lot of challenges on our hands. We straddle two completely different worlds, with completely different audiences, and we’re always striving to honour our foundation while staying timely, efficient, and relevant.

Our Sparks are deployed—each into a specific team—right at the beginning of a project, so that they can understand and maintain focus on the human side by connecting people with the new technologies we roll out on a consistent basis and helping our team members become advocates for transformation. They can also act on behalf of other members of our squads (e.g., learning, communications) so that they can stay focused on their work until a new project is absolutely ready for their input.

We’re both proud and excited to be doing things differently here at ATB. We used to buy our solutions: now we build them. Moving away from a waterfall model and into agile project management has allowed us to get things done in 3-8 weeks instead of the 18 months they used to take. We’re working with continuous feedback from our partners, and we’re fully prepared to hear when something isn’t working. At our size, we can iterate, kill a bad idea fast, and move on—something our competitors can’t do. Sparks are a huge part of this forward motion, because when we make changes, they help those changes reach all 5300 of our team members.

So what’s in it for you? This isn’t just a brag about our amazing team. What happens on the inside has an incredible impact on the outside of our company. When we make life smoother and more efficient for our team members, they have more time to return calls and emails, and truly engage with our customers.

Our biggest goal in creating the Sparks has been to eliminate information fatigue—to allow our team members the time and space they need to learn about what’s coming down the pipe at ATB, adopt it, experience its value, and share it with you. We are creating a culture of adoption to move out of a reactive space and into a proactive one, so that we can continue to work towards finding the best ways to make banking—and life—better.

Do you think you can add a little spark to people’s lives? Check out our open positions here.

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