No Numbers Here

Okay, so we have lots of numbers, but it’ll make sense if you keep reading…

Have you ever had that feeling at work that you’re ‘just an employee number’? Many of us have experienced it - but at ATB this is the antithesis of what we strive for. Our over 5,000 team members across the province are highly skilled, talented, personable, creative, and genuinely enjoy their jobs. We know that each team member has an incredible amount to share with us, and they have game-changing ideas to bring to the table. The challenge is building an environment where those ideas can be sparked into action.

That’s where Innoventure comes in.

Innoventure is a 12-week program we developed in house to bring brilliant ideas to the surface. We weren’t sure how many team members would jump on board, but right away we had response from so many diverse parts of ATB, we decided to start our journey with a nimble group of 20 of those team members.

Day one started off with an intro to Innoventure, the basics of creating business models and discovering a minimum viable product. We were inspired by lean startup methodology for our framework. Day two we hosted a collective brainstorming session—and together, we came up with over 100 ideas for ATB to consider.

For this round of Innoventure, we’ve narrowed those 100 ideas down to four, focussing on opportunities that meet the needs of our clients. Our teams are now deep in research and business model development to prepare to pitch their ideas to an internal business panel for viability and execution. The ideas that made the cut focus on exciting opportunities like connecting our more than 80,000(!) entrepreneurs with one another, and building financial confidence of our customers, to name a couple.

We can’t wait to share more in-depth intel on the ideas that that make it through the pitch round, and then we’ll move to step two: understanding the potential positive impact for our customers.

This isn’t just a bunch of teammates throwing innovation at our customers and seeing what sticks—this is time and resources, passion and exploration, and maybe even some blood, sweat, and tears, all centred on listening to our clients and developing solutions to make banking, and life, better.

We're always looking for top talent to be part of programs just like Innoventure. Learn more about our open positions here.

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