Optichannel, not omnichannel.

Optichannel solutions for customer centric banking

Omnichannel. It’s been a key driver in e-commerce and the business world in general for years. But what does it mean for consumers? In fact, not many consumers would articulate that they want a ‘seamless shopping experience across all online and physical shopping channels.’

Consistency is not necessarily what people are looking for. What they want is optichannel, where they can select the appropriate experience based on the channel they are in and the situational context. 

This is the type of human centered approach that sets ATB apart in our approach to designing banking services.

For example - you can optimize voice interaction for telephone banking, but when someone is on the train, they don’t want to be reading out their bank card number. They want the option to have the experience that fits the channel they are using and the context they are in.

Humans make these sorts of contextual decisions constantly throughout the day. Imagine an individual planning a family get together and needing to contact a grandmother, siblings, and parents. They are likely subconsciously picking the right time and the right channel through which to communicate with each person. A phone call to grandma, a text to the parents, and an email to a sister’s work email to make sure she sees the message in time. 

We’re taking the same approach with banking services. It's more than providing the best voice experience, or a seamless switch from desktop to mobile. It’s about knowing our customers and delivering what they need at the right time through channels and experiences that fit the situation and context.

The banking sector is not particularly well known for providing optimized customer-centric experiences. Partially due to legacy systems and siloed structures, it can be challenging for traditional banks to take the customer centric approach required to delivery exceptional optichannel experiences.

This is where our human centric design approach pays off. We also told you about our versatile digital platform, allowing us to break through the restriction of siloed business functions typical in banking. This allows us to build experiences and processes based on the customer journey.

For example - we’re testing things like robotics process automation with our customer service robot, Pepper. Pepper currently provides banking information to prospective customers in person in showhomes and registry agencies, places where people need banking information but where live ATB team members are not available. 

We’re all about interacting on a human level. In a digital world, this means making sure that our online channels are as heartwarming and personal as speaking live with an ATB team member. Our customer-centric optichannel approach helps solidify ATB as Alberta’s bank for digital and in person banking services that provides personalization and context appropriate experiences to our customers.

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