Preparing for the Workforce of the Future with Transformer X

At ATB, we’ve been working full steam ahead towards transformation – preparing for new technology and processes that will disrupt and improve the banking experience. As we become more rapid in our delivery, top of mind for us is how we can ensure we have the right talent at the right time to help us keep up the pace. Delivering on transformation cannot happen without the best talent. Enter: Transformer X, a Transformation Talent Accelerator within ATB.

This immersive program combines up and coming tech talent with broad and deep immersion into the work of ATB Transformation. We anticipate that the initial cohort of 20-25 successful applicants are future-ready and eager to roll up their sleeves – enabling us to deliver upon our transformation mandate and stand out as a cutting-edge, innovative organization. 

Who’s eligible? Recent graduates or professional with under three years experience.

Transformer X is a great opportunity for graduates of Alberta institutions who want to build careers in industries such as computer science and software engineering to work through a paid and fully immersive experience straight out of their program. We also see a lot of early stage practitioners in the tech space accelerating their career through this program.

For eight months, participants will work directly with ATB’s 1,000 person-strong team of Transformers - the members of our Transformation team who every day are striving to make a mark in a rapidly changing world with a relentless desire to transform banking and make it work for people. Participants will be considered ATB team members from day one with exposure to tough projects and real responsibilities through hands-on, fast-paced experiences guided by ATB’s leaders in a highly agile delivery environment. 

At the end of the eight-month time frame, our goal is to have every participant of Transformer X move into a full-time role at ATB, so that together we can grow the innovation/technology ecosystem in Alberta. Imagine, having the best minds work and play in cities that are affordable, have a lot on the go and offer an unparalleled quality of life.

What makes us really excited about Transformer X is that it’s an equal opportunity learning experience. We expect to learn from our participants as much as they are learning from us. That’s why cohort 1 is small and nimble, to help us shape and break the program in order to ensure we can deliver great value to the talented minds that join us. 

Transformer X comes at a time that is important to all Albertans. Young professionals are looking for meaningful and exciting career opportunities. As a society, we are on the verge of a significant shift in the way we live, thanks to technology. Transformer X is a step towards building a strong local economy with a robust job market, in an innovative industry.

The first cohort of Transformer X starts in April and will run through to December 2019. Want to be part of an exciting opportunity? Check out postings and apply today!

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