Unstoppable ATB: the power of purpose, passion, and alignment

Have you ever rowed a boat with other people? Whether it is two people in a canoe, a nine man rowing crew, or 22 paddlers in a dragon boat, it takes a dedicated balance of individual effort and team alignment to pull powerfully in the same direction and gain momentum.


At ATB we’ve been building a lot of the components to support individual achievement and growth: from being a place for the swiss-army-workforce of the future to building a culture of adoption. We’ve made huge steps to increase the alignment behind our team. Not just 22 paddlers pulling oars in the same boat, but 5000 Albertans all driven by the same mission and pulling in the same direction to transform banking.

How we are creating alignment across team members comes down to the communication of our expectations and creating a shared culture around what it means to be All In.

We’ve been talking about the idea of being ‘all-in’ at ATB for a number of years. Only recently, in fact just this last year, we created a simple and clear  “Team Member All In” framework.

We invest a lot of time to help team members really understand, connect and align with our culture and values. After about 100 days or so, our orientation program for new team members culminates in an ‘all-in’ commitment call with our CEO and Chief People Officer. In the call we ask new team members to tell us what they honestly think about their ATB experience so far and to share their personal stories and commitment to being ‘all-in.’ In fact, once in awhile a new team member tells us that they are not ‘all-in’. We really listen to their ‘why’ and help them find their way: where they can best apply their passions and be ‘all-in,’ wherever that may be.

All In isn’t just a slogan with statements on the wall. We expect all team members to believe wholeheartedly in the 94 word story, to live the ATB values, and to give their best effort everyday to transform banking and use it as a medium to create happiness for Albertans. Responsibility is not passed on to colleagues, other teams, or leaders - it is up to every ATB team member to make the story come to life, everyday.

Our commitment is evident in surrounding team members with an awesome work environment and culture, being fully empowered to make changes, providing the best experience to customers, and taking risks to explore novel applications of technology in banking. We believe our team members and our leaders have the obligation and responsibility to become great.

One area we’re are particularly excited about is the launch of the ATB AI Lab in Spring 2018. We’re currently recruiting a Managing Director who will help define ATB’s enterprise AI strategy and the overall direction of the company’s AI & Machine Learning Lab. This is the type of exciting position where we empower our team members and leaders to make bold discoveries, and we expect them to be all-in. Are you driven to create AI-powered products and services to help transform banking and establish ATB (and Alberta) as a leader in AI and Machine Learning? Check out the live job posting.

As we work together to transform banking, ATB can’t change without each of our team members changing, growing, and learning. So we empower team members to ask themselves, ‘how might I need to change and grow to help the company change and grow?’

So why have we formalized our commitment to be ‘all-in?’ In our evolution, the All In framework brings together a lot of what we have been talking about for years - our story, our commitment to listening, and the ATB’s (our guiding principles, including anewly introduced 11th ATB).

The power of aligning what it means to be ‘all-in’ is inspiring. It all starts with making a personal connection—individuals matching their values and purpose with their work—and then aligning people working together towards a common aspiration in a way that reflects our values and mission as an organization.

ATB is not a place for clock-punchers, ladder climbers, or spotlight stealers. This is a place for people to be. To be themselves. To be their best. To be All In


Introducing (and igniting) ATB's Team Member ALL IN. Hint: View in theater mode or full screen to add delight.

Think of what we can achieve with everyone pulling with the same rhythm and force and moving in the same direction! With wholehearted belief as individuals and alignment in our vision, we cannot be stopped.

We are ATB transformation - innovating at the forefront
of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future.